To give small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines and abroad an affordable opportunity to take their brand to the next level; to provide companies a world-class platform to become key players not only in the local scene but in the international arena as well.


To be the leading Philippine outsourcing company in web design, search engine optimization, content and social media marketing catering to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) around the world.

Devlin Duldulao at Shoptalk
Outsource SEO Philippines discussing internet marketing at Shoptalk TV


With his analytical and methodical mind, Devlin is our Philippine team’s lead expert on best practices in search engine optimization (SEO).

Before forming Outsource SEO Philippines, he dreamt of meeting and working alongside Matt Cutts, the head of search quality and Webspam at Google. Dev is probably the number one fan of Matt in the Philippines and has watched extensively all his videos.

Dev also manages our Web Design team. Once in a while and to help him unwind, you might catch him playing the latest RPG on PS3 well into the night.

SEORxJaneRJ is the content manager and the team leader of our social media marketing department. She loves apps like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck because they provide a way for her to organize and manage her daily and weekly tasks.


Her bucket list includes, among other things, running a full-course 42 km marathon. But with her tight schedule, she says she is keeping her fingers crossed on that one.

Another one is to win the grand prize of a prestigious photography contest so that she can finally have the right to treat to lunch people in her photography club. Her ultimate dream, however, is to write a novel or a travel book guide.