5 common mistakes of web designers

Do you know that there are many things to consider before building a website?

Do you want to have a website that will be remembered by users and viewers?

In this article I will share with you the 5 most common blunders that a lot of web designers make in building a website.

1. Not making your site “visible” on the search engine pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing

Your web designer builds you a website for your company. And yet, months have passed and there is still no sales traffic coming in from your website. You wonder why?
Guess what? Your site is not optimized. In other words, you need to have your website “appear” or becomes visible on the pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
Otherwise, your potential clients will never find your website if it’s just buried beneath thousands and even millions of other webpages competing for the top ranking pages of search engines.
Fear not though, there are basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques that can be done to make your site available on search engines with the end goal of increasing your site’s visitors and sales traffic.



2. Not Using the Right Web Design for Your Type of Business

There are many roads that lead to Rome. But in designing your website, your web designer should tailor fit your site’s architecture that best showcase your company’s core businesses and services. Also, branding should be consistent in terms of the use of company logo, color, fonts throughout your site.


3. Not Considering Your Site’s Pageload Speed

Overuse of heavy images or image sliders especially in your website’s homepage can greatly affect the pageload speed of your website. The danger here is that your visitors can get impatient waiting for your website to load and will leave right away.
Coin or carousel sliders, where images or pictures rotate in your webpage, can be great aesthetically but these should be used in moderation. Other web designs that should be used cautiously include Flash, ActiveX, Ajax and among others. This is where a web designer who knows the best practices of SEO (search engine optimization) differentiates himself from web designers who don’t.


4. Not Recognizing the Importance of Call To Action Buttons

Again, this is the difference between web designers who know the best practices of SEO and web designers who don’t: putting the right Call to Action buttons in relevant pages of your website.
Remember, your website’s homepage is just a doorway to your company. And website’s end-goal is to invite visitors to come in and engage your company by buying or subscribing to your products and services. So what is essential in your site? Of course, Call to Action buttons!

5. Not Knowing the Almighty 3-Second Rule

This is how it works, if someone or your client happens to visit your website and doesn’t know what to do within 3 seconds then your website isn’t user-friendly and is poorly structured.
Don’t let them guess and think what they will do next after landing in your site because they would leave and look for other site that’s easier to understand.



Fancy and flashy designs are always on the mind of the web designers and the owners without knowing these are all confusing and distracting to visitors.
A piece of advice, look for web designers who know the best practices of SEO, especially us Outsource SEO Philippines. These new breed of professionals can definitely create websites that mostly likely make you “visible” on the pages of search engines, and thus, increasing the chances of converting these visits into sales for your company.



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