5 Payment Options You Should Offer Your Online Shoppers

Are you giving your online visitors enough payment options to make their shopping experience as easy and frictionless as possible?

Do you wonder if there are other eCommerce shopping payment solutions that you could offer to your visitors, and thereby, increase your sales conversion rate and returning customers?

Read on and find out 5 payment options that are gaining ground in the world of online shopping, and platforms that you should also be seriously considering about.


1. Google Wallet

Though less popular than Paypal as a payment option, Google Wallet’s popularity is gradually increasing and a lot of big sites and apps have Google Wallet on their checkout process.  It also helps that it was created by one of the most ubiquitous companies in the world today.

Google Wallet is very convenient for mobile shoppers. To learn more about this option, click on this site: http://www.google.com/wallet/



2. Amazon Payments

Amazon is probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest online hub, in the Internet. It is more popular in the US, Canada and some European and Asian countries, including the Philippines.

Although it’s not that prevalent yet and only a small number of Amazon merchants are currently offering, it’s still better to build this option now rather than later in your eCommerce site. You’d never know how many sales you’ve lost just because buyer prefer this payment solution.



3. Paypal

Another increasingly popular accepted payment solution is Paypal, which started in 1998. An eCommerce store that is serious lessening buyer’s friction and making it easier for buyers to push through with the purchase should also consider this mobile-friendly payment solution. No need to fill in the personal and credit card info at the checkout; just log in to your Paypal account.



4. Reward Points

Having RewardsPay in your site could dramatically increase your conversion rate. People will be less hesitant to use their rewards points, thinking they are not spending ‘real money’ or it’s really ‘free money.’

Above is an example of a shopping cart checkout that gives buyers to pay for their items using their rewards points from major credit cards.

For merchants, check out this link to enrol your site in RewardsPay. http://www.rewardspay.com/merchants


5. Bitcoin Wallet


Despite encountering a few bumps in the beginning, cryptocurrency Bitcoin is gaining a foothold on online shoppers and eCommerce sites. Bitcoin is a digital currency or a new form of online money that shoppers can use as an alternative payment solution.

Bottom Line

In the end, it is better to give your customers more payment options rather than limiting them to the traditional or usual ones. Keep in mind that while online shoppers do intend to buy something online, many are quick to abandon the transaction upon encountering even the slightest friction or obstacles.

As the business owner, it is your responsibility to make the checkout process as seamlessly easy as possible. Find a web designer that can create a user friendly e-commerce site, like  Web design Philippines. It is one way to keep your customer happy and to want to come back for more.



  • There are many ways to pay business transactions but I guess Paypal is the most preferred payment solution. For instance, at Staff.com they do payrolls with PayPal Mass Pay.

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