How to Spot a Legit Web Developer and How to Win their Hearts

If, by chance, you ever wonder if there’s a difference between a female and male web developers, then you got another thinking coming. Well, at least, when it comes to their ‘unconventional’ or grungy fashion sense anyway.

We supposed that the more unkempt or mismatch one looks, the more one can pull off the Einsteinisque look, and hence, be more taken seriously in the office. Go figure.

Unfortunately, there’s still a huge discrepancy between the number of frowzy girls (read: female web developers) and scruffy-looking guys (read: male web developers). This one is not so hard to figure out.




But if ever you want to win the heart of a web developer of whatever gender, make sure you bring a box of pizza and you better learn how to fix a broken coffee machine.

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